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Electric Loft Ladder

Electric Loft LadderSPECIAL OFFERS
As the result of a cancelled order we have in stock for delivery one of our electric loft ladders in an opening of 1200mm x 600mm at the reduced price of only £1750.00 inc Vat and delivery this is a brand new still packaged ladder complete with 2 x wall switches and a remote control but we only have one as of 25th November 2016. Please contact us for further details
Now with new white trapdoor
Larger opening size available with remote control 1440mm x 800mm reduced from £1995.00 to £1800.00 inc Vat and delivery,
Installation is available on all our special offer electric loft ladders

The ultimate in Loftladders. Our Electrc Loft Ladder is available with either a wall switch or infrared remote control. Heavy die-cast aluminium deep treads with carpet handrails to both sides of the ladder and also at loft floor level. Full manual override in case of power failure. Can be operated from within the loft as well as from below. Sturdy steel hatch lining in attractive white finish with integral architrave. Available in a wide choice of opening sizes.

Contact AF Staircases today to discuss the options. Installed nationwide

View our videos of the Electric Loft Ladder on YouTube.
– Video following a recent installation in a Church.
– The Electric Loft Ladder opens via remote control!


– Wall switch or infrared remote control
– Galvanized telescopic handrails
– Ultimate in Loft Ladder convenience
– Available in a wide choice of opening sizes
– Die-cast aluminum treads
– Operation from inside / outside the loft

Opening Size: 900mm x 700mm, Ceiling height (max): 3000mm, Price £1995.00, Fully installed £2550.00
Opening Size: 1000mm x 700mm, Ceiling height (max): 3250mm, Price £1995.00, Fully installed £2550.00
Opening Size: 1200mm x 700mm, Ceiling height (max): 3200mm, Price £1995.00, Fully installed £2550.00
Opening Size: 1300mm x 700mm, Ceiling height (max): 3000mm, Price £1995.00, Fully installed £2550.00

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