AF Staircases

Spiral Staircases

Our range of Spiral Staircases is very extensive and we quite simply have too many to list them all. We have however selected some for your viewing pleasure. Please note that all of the Spiral Staircases shown here can be installed by Af Staircases, contact us for more information.

Simply click the thumbnail images to start the gallery view.

OAK 70

Oak 70 is the spiral staircase with steps made in oak.

Pixima Steel Zink

External Spiral Staircase.

Pixima Steel

Metal Spiral Staircase.

Pixima Cube

“Square” spiral staircase with vertical railings.

Pixima Ring

Spiral Staircase with vertical railings.

Magia 50

Magia 50 is made of steel painted white or grey, the handrail is in PVC with an aluminium core and is available in white or grey to match the colour of the staircase.