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Loft storage in new houses

How we can create strong usable storage in new houses
The problem with many new houses is there never seems to be enough room to store those items most familys have. the loft is the ideal place to keep those items you dont need to get to every day.


Anybody got any of this list up in the loft

Christmas decorations
Spare rolls of wallpaer
Off cuts of carpet
Old baby items
Winter clothes
Summer clothes
Old toys
And of course all that stuff you dont want in the house but its too good to throw away.

So whats the solution then ?

Most new houses have truss lofts which can only leave the middle section for flooring and even then its rammed full of loft insulation, so in order to floor, we peel back the insulation and add further joists which will add strength and enable the insulation to be refitted.we also add 600mm wide shelves to either side of the floored area the length of the loft, this can increase the storage area by a further 50%.

A typical newhouse with a fitted timber loft ladder, flooring and shelves plus a striplight and pull switch costs from as little as £695.00, once installed you will wonder how you managed without