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Electric loft ladder

We often are asked as to how much space the electric loft ladder takes up in the loft,

Well as you can see from the video the ladder only takes up as much room as the dimensions of the hatch, this means the ladder can be installed up against a wall or any other obstruction,from the clip you can also see how little headroom is required, only 700mm, the ladder can be operated from inside the loft as well as from below

Loftmate folding timber loft ladder

So how easy to use is our folding timber loft ladder?

Its the most asked question, so we thought this video would show just how easy the Loftmate is to operate, the video was filmed from a genuine installation in West Yorkshire and is being operated by a genuine customer to whom we are very grateful.

We offer a free no obligation Survey for this ladder and at prices from £299.00 for such an easy and safe access to the loft

“Don’t know how we managed without one”

Loft storage in new houses

How we can create strong usable storage in new houses

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Genius Staircase South Wales

White steel and Oak stained treads allow the staircase to blend in to the decor with out being too obtrusive

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